Personal Training

  All personal training sessions are approximately 45 minutes in duration and are scheduled one on one with your trainer. You will never share your time with anybody else.

  Establish your health and fitness goals with your trainer and then choose the right training package that best suits your needs. Nutrition is the cornerstone of all good training programs. Discuss with your trainer what nutritional approach is best suited for you and the program design that you will follow. 

​One on One Training Packages:

10 Sessions $399
20 Sessions $729

40 Sessions $1349

All One on One Training Sessions are approximately 45 minutes in duration.

Current Small Group Sessions Available:

E-mail Jeff at to  schedule your first session! 

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to schedule your first session!

Nutrition, Exercise & Mindfulness​

Personal & Small Group Training

As the owners of U Evolve Buffalo we think it is important to continue to work directly with clients in personal and small group settings. This has been the bedrock of our business model from day one. There is no more efficient way of helping someone achieve their physical goals than to directly interact with them. This allows us to see and assess their physical performance in the gym.


Group Training

  This can be a very effective way for a person to reach their general fitness goals. Some people find it easier and more enjoyable to workout with other people. They thrive on the sense of community. Camaraderie is encouraged and cultivated at U Evolve Buffalo.

  All group training sessions are approximately 60 minutes in duration. Group training requires a minimum of 2 people to form a group and a maximum of 6 people per group. This allows the client to still get the attention that is required for safe, effective, optimal training practices as well as ample space and equipment usage. Inquire with the trainers about times and days of existing groups to join or set up your own group training times with friends and family.

Group Training Packages:

Open Small Group Training (during an already established time, anyone can join) $119/8 consecutive sessions

Closed Small Group Training (time locked for you and who you ask to be in your personal group) $149/8 sessions
All Group Training Sessions are approximately 60 minutes in duration.