Obstacle Course Training – Do you want to dominate any obstacle course race or mud run? We can help! Each class is designed to improve all the skills required to tackle even the most challenging OCR's. Improve your cardiovascular capacity, grip strength, power and muscle endurance, along with OCR specific skills that you will face on the race course.

Sand bags, the PROWLER, ,battle ropes, fat gripz, trap bar, dumbbells and kettlebells are just some of the tools we use to help get YOU ready!

This is Next Level Training! A 6 week progressive program, developed to prepare your body for the toughest OCR Courses. Whether you are a beginner preparing for your first race, or a seasoned veteran, this program is for you!

Join us as we prepare to hit the Muddy Buffalo Obstacle Course! (August 24) 

Not into OCRs?? That's okay! This workout will building your strength and endurance, unleashing your inner bad ass!

Wednesdays 7:30 PM
June 19-July 24

Hip, Glutes and Thighs 7:30-8:00 AM

Upper Body Blast 8:00-8:30 AM

Cardio & Core Conditioning 8:30-9:00 AM

Saturday July 13-August 17

$79 for 1 Program

$129 for all 3 Programs

If you choose the 1 Program Option, you can choose which program you would like to participate in weekly.

Nutrition, Exercise & Mindfulness​


50 Day Macro Nutrient Tracking Program


6 Week Summer Program


Strong as a Mother is geared towards busy moms who want to enhance their life, and work towards their goals, but are unsure as to how to get to where they want to be!

This is a 6 week jump start program run by Certified Health Coach, Jillian Foit. During these 6 weeks we will work collaboratively virtually to set goals, and create a plan of action.

Focusing on concepts such as nutrition, exercise, time management, stress management/coping skills, and confidence to name a few, you will have the opportunity to establish your personal vision of wellness and begin taking steps towards becoming the very best version of you, and the life you want to lead for you, and your family.

Bonus: This is a virtual program!! All of this can be done from the comfort of your home!

Why Strong as a Mother ?
I use a positive based approach to change, focusing on your STRENGTHS

You and I collaborate to come up with a customized plan to create the life you want to live based on your physical, emotional and lifestyle factors.

Implement lifestyle and behavior change that will lead you towards YOUR health and wellness goals

The best of BOTH worlds, PERSONAL and GROUP Coaching Sessions

Keep goals in sight
Increase energy
Reduce Stress
Improve Personal Relationships
Guidance, Support, Accountability and MORE!

Learn to lose weight throughout the summer by tracking your macro-nutrients and still enjoying this all too short season.

This is a 50 Day Nutrition Program that was purposely scheduled during peak summer season. For many people this can be the toughest time of year to lose or maintain their weight. This program will teach you that it doesn't have to be.

Most people do not like to diet during the summer because they want to enjoy a cold beer on a hot summer day or want to not feel deprived at the weekend barbecue. Camping is a popular summer recreation that can be deal breaker for dieters because they don't think that they can do both.

Well you don't have to hang up the summer just because you want to lose weight. This program is designed with you in mind. This is how the program works...

I am going to create a personalized macro-nutrient profile designed just for you based on your input and the information that I gather from the questionnaire that you will be asked to fill out.

You are going to have to choose an app that you are comfortable with tracking your food that allows for tracking macro-nutrients (carbohydrates, fats and proteins) I would recommend using the Carb Manager App of My Fitness Pal.

I will teach you how to customize your macro-nutrient profile to accommodate events such as parties, 4th of July, camping trips, etc... so you can still make progress during these challenging times.

Can you incorporate alcohol? YES. I will teach you how you can incorporate your favorite alcoholic beverage and not ruin your nutrition program.

The goal of this program is to lay out a plan and give contingencies for summer events. Everyone that enrolls into this program will be added to a Private Facebook Page that I will Administer. We will be communicating and sharing our questions and experiences via this page and making changes to your program as needed along the way.

After 50 Days of Tracking everyone will have a firm grasp of what foods and beverages they can incorporate into their lifestyle and not compromise their body composition goals. Sometimes it is a matter of what foods to avoid and other times it is a matter of how much. This is an individual process.

Don't give up the summer and don't quit on yourself. You can have it all if you do the work.

Jeffrey Dettelis
U Evolve Buffalo

***Daily Macro-Nutrient Tracking through an app is required to participate in this program.

Heavy Metal Club - Squat. Bench Press. Deadlift. Strict Power Curl. This is Powerlifting. Join our club and prepare for your next competition, or just train with us and get stronger.

Men, Women, Sons and Daughters, come join one of the most rewarding individual sports, in a great team atmosphere. HMC meets Wednesdays at 6am and Sundays at 7am. Each session is 75 minutes long. 

Come one day or both for just $29/month

Zero to Hero is a progressive training program designed to improve ones Push/Pull Strength, Muscle Endurance, Cardiovascular Capacity, Speed and Agility.

Expose your weaknesses and train to conquer them! Only then can you release your inner Hero!

Everyone begins as a white shirt, and will complete tasks to move up in the rankings
Orange - Swashbuckler
Green - Rogue
Purple - Barbarian
Brown - Warlock
Black - Paladin
GOLD - 5 Star General of Fitness

Participants will will "rank up" once all parameters of the level are successfully completed

Program will run 6 weeks. At the end of the 6 weeks you will receive a UEB Zero to Hero shirt with your color rank.

Monday 6:00-7:00 PM (July 8-August 12)

Thursday 6:00-7:00 AM (July 11-August 15)

Sunday 8:30-9:30 AM (July 14-August 18)

Sign up to come one day per week, or unlimited!