Obstacle Course Training – Do you want to dominate any obstacle course race or mud run? We can help! Each class is designed to improve all the skills required to tackle even the most challenging OCR's. Improve your cardiovascular capacity, grip strength, power and muscle endurance, along with OCR specific skills that you will face on the race course.

Sand bags, the PROWLER, ,battle ropes, fat gripz, trap bar, dumbbells and kettlebells are just some of the tools we use to help get YOU ready!

This is Next Level Training! A 6 week progressive program, developed to prepare your body for the toughest OCR Courses. Whether you are a beginner preparing for your first race, or a seasoned veteran, this program is for you!

Join us as we prepare to hit the Muddy Buffalo Obstacle Course! (August 24) 

Not into OCRs?? That's okay! This workout will building your strength and endurance, unleashing your inner bad ass!


Nutrition, Exercise & Mindfulness​


Heavy Metal Club - Squat. Bench Press. Deadlift. Strict Power Curl. This is Powerlifting. Join our club and prepare for your next competition, or just train with us and get stronger.

Men, Women, Sons and Daughters, come join one of the most rewarding individual sports, in a great team atmosphere. HMC meets Wednesdays at 6am and Sundays at 7am. Each session is 75 minutes long.