Can't make it to U Evolve Buffalo, here is your chance to bring a little bit of UEB to YOU! 

We have created PDFs of our exclusive workouts that are now available to you!!! Each Volume contains multiple, effective workouts, giving you variety, and a blueprint to help you reach YOUR exercise GOALS!



$24/3 pack!

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Train With Your Trainer 

Do the exact type of workouts our trainers do to drive their success!


Each Volume includes 6 workouts, an explanation of rep ranges, tempos and MORE so you can learn the methods they use to put together a workout.

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Train With Your Trainer Jeff Volume 1

Train With Your Trainer Jill Volume 1


Create Your Own

3 Pack Bundle

Customize the package you would like! Choose any 3 Volumes, giving you great variety to choose from for your workouts!

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Nutrition, Exercise & Mindfulness​

Although I hate to write negative reviews, I was told that they wanted a review on our website posted regardless. After trying this pants, here is my honest feedback:

I like the tie, and the side pocket but that is just about it. These pants were awful.  I hated the seam in the back, the material is uncomfortable and they were cheaply and poorly made.  Don't waste your money on this product.


Strych 9 

Strych 9 is a full body workout that will work you from head to toe. The Strych 9 circuit is sure to get your heart pumping as you move from exercise to exercise. 

Each Volume includes 9 different workouts. 

Available NOW:

Volume 1

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Hell's Bells

Hell's Bells is a full body workout using dumbbells. Make this a staple in your workout routine and watch your body composition evolve week to week!

Each Volume includes 9 workouts.

Available NOW:

​Volume 1

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Strych 9 Volume 1

Hell's Bells Volume 1

Train With Your Trainer Jeff Volume 1

Train With Your Trainer Jill Volume 1

Body Weight Workouts Volume 1

Body Weight Workouts Volume 2

Body Weight Workouts

No equipment?

No Worries, We've got you covered!

You can take these workouts on your vacation, in your hotel room, or do them right at home! Each workout is a different format, using just your own body weight as resistance! 

Each Volume includes 9 workouts.

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Volume 1

​Volume 2