Nutrition is the cornerstone  

Mindfulness is what we practice

There is junk and there is food. 

 keeps you moving forward. 

Mindfulness is a practice that should be utilized in every person’s daily life. When a person is mindfully aware, they are able to make clear conscience choices about the life they want to lead. They can express that life through their behavior and their physical being. 

Exercise is a tool of expression. We present to you a variety of Programs, Classes, and Personal & Group Training so you can choose what best suits your physical endeavors. 

We will continue to seek and refine training and exercise methodologies to stay current with the needs of the highly evolved.

Evolution is now.

Exercise is our tool of expression;


Taking on new physical challenges

There is no junk food.

Nutrition, Exercise & Mindfulness​

When the body is properly nourished it has a need and want for physical activity.

We are very fortunate in today’s society to have so many advancements. With this blessing we have also removed many of the hardships and need for physical activity that has built the robust nature of the human spirit. 

We think it is important to keep challenging physical activity in all stages of ones life. This keeps the body, mind & spirit strong. 

We use resistance training through a wide variety of implements as the basis of our exercise programs.


The body is a manifestation of the mind.

Nutrition is the cornerstone of all fitness.

Every cell in your body is being sent information signals based on what you eat.

Your mood, energy, reactions, thinking, behavior, performance and physical appearance are all highly influenced by how your body is nourished.

It is only logical to make nutrition the foundation in which your body is built.

of all fitness;